1. All players must be at least 14 years old or going into 9th grade. Although this is the Men’s League, we fully accept and encourage any woman over the age of 14 to participate.
  2. No more than 3 non-church attendees shall be in the game at the same time, with no more than 5 non-church attendees on the team.
  3. All players must have played in at least 4 games on 4 separate nights to be eligible to play in the playoffs. Any exceptions will be decided by the Committee on a case-by-case basis. All team rosters and dues must be received by June 8th to remain in the league.
  4. All games will be doubleheaders with the early games beginning at 6:30. The second game of the doubleheader must be started within five minutes of the first game. Coaches must agree to the start time.
  5. Each team must have eight players to play. There will be a 10-minute grace period to allow for late-coming players before a team must forfeit.
  6. In the first game, the home team must provide a new ball. The visiting team of the first game must provide a playable ball for the second game.
  7. There is no time limit on the first game.  The second game will be as long as safety permits. In extra inning, each team will still begin with the player making the last out on second base.
  8. Each batter begins with one strike and one ball for a count.
  9. Any pitch of legal arc (between 6’ and 12’) that hits the strike plate (carpet) will be called a strike. The black part on the back of home plate will be considered part of this strike plate.
  10. Only three “over the fence” home runs per game. Any after that will be treated as a foul ball in the count.
  11. A 12-run rule will be effective after five innings.
  12. Only single wall bats are allowed; no composites, with the exception of the half and half bats. Any bat in question will not be allowed. Non-compliance will result in the game being forfeited. To avoid argument, all new bats must say “single-wall” to be legal.
  13. One courtesy runner allowed per inning with the approval of opposing manager. The courtesy runner must be the player making the last out.
  14. No swearing, cursing, smoking or alcohol permitted. The first violation will result in a warning. Continued violations will result in removal of the offending player by the umpire or manager. Any player or manager that feels a player(s) are in violation of any rules or are behaving in a manner inappropriate for the league may call a committee member to report the incident. The committee will review the charges, and make a decision. The decision may include being suspended for a number of games or from the league altogether.
  15. Sliding is recommended. If the player chooses not to slide, he must not interfere in any way. Any player interfering will be called out along with any subsiding out. If the player does slide, they must not intentionally try to break up the play by sliding hard or with feet up or into an opposing player.
  16. In the event of injury and no substitution is available, the player may leave the game and the team may continue without penalty, as long as there are still 8 players. (see rule #5).      Example:  If you’re batting 11 ppl and someone gets hurt, there is no penalty for taking them out of the lineup.  If you’re batting 8 and someone gets hurt, your team will forfeit the game due to not having enough players.
  17. The home team will provide the bases (if needed) and will set them out 65’ apart. The visiting team will provide a second home plate, placed in line with first base and home plate just outside the batters’ box. This plate will be the runner’s plate. The catcher does not need to tag the runner. This will be considered a force-out. It is to avoid collisions. Players not running to the runner’s plate will be called out. The runner cannot run back to third base after crossing the “point of no return” (a mark 1/2 way between 3rd and home).  A second first base should also be used. If there is a play at first, the runner must run to the outside base.
  18. Only managers and umps will handle the discussions pertaining to disputes.
  19. The coaches of both teams may agree on any temporary rule if both agree.
  20. All other rules will be the same as A.S.A.
  21. The “at-bat” team provides the umpire during the season games. For all of the tournaments, we will have umpires.
  22. Women playing on a team are eligible to use an 11 inch balls. The team she is playing on must provide the ball. It is solely their teams’ responsibility to discuss this with the opposing manager and get the ball in the game.

Entry fee will be $125 which must be paid by the second week of the regular season. Make checks payable to:

Bemidji Church League

c/o Eric Nelson

23395 County 9

Bemidji, MN 56601