When are games played?

Monday or Tuesday nights. Each team plays a double-header every week. Your first game starts at 6:30, the second game starts five minutes after the first game ends.


The season is 10 weeks long with a double-elimination playoff tournament at the end. All teams make post season play. Games are NOT guaranteed and may be shortened or eliminated due to weather-inflicted time constraints.

Where are games played?

Evangelical Covenant        Senior High School             Evangelical Free        

5405 Hart Lane NW          Softball Field                       115 Carr Lake Rd SW

North Country Park        Frog Pond Baseball field Bagley

30th St NW, Bemidji                   4th St NW, Bagley


What is the minimum age to play?

14 (or entering 9th grade)

Can women play?

Although this is the Men’s League, we fully accept any woman over the age of 14 to participate.

Is my bat legal?

To keep the game safe, The Bemidji Church League does not allow any double-wall, triple-wall or other composite bats. To avoid argument, all new bats must say “single-wall” to be legal.

What type of ball will be used for the upcoming season?

The current rules stipulate use of a 12″ .55cor 300 ball. Like any rule, this could change at the coach’s meetings.


Does the league provide insurance?

NO. Teams are responsible for their own insurance. By participating, players agree NOT to hold the league or it’s members or the city liable for injuries (or anything else for that matter).